In this gallery you, the visitor, can follow the history of the Wycombe area through time, along its rivers and through its ancient woodlands.  You can follow the unfolding story of  migration and settlement, through once untouched uplands and valleys to settled  farmsteads, villages, towns and ultimately to urbanised industrial  communities reaching to a wider globalised world.

You can read the gallery as history, as a travelogue or as a series of lessons about landscapes and ways of living that  impact on the earth and our reducing natural resources.

  • Throughout the galleries you can access screen weblinks to help you enjoy every display and access additional information and relevant websites.
  • You will learn more about the materials and influences on High Wycombe’s major industry of chairmaking.
  • You will be inspired by the achievements in art and design by local people
  • You will see migrations and settlers in every period
  • You will understand more about self sufficiency and sustainability in Wycombe’s history.