Objects To Go

What’s in a Box?

Wycombe Museum has a selection of loan boxes available for you to use at your venue, either independently or as follow-up to a visit. They’re perfect for schools, reminiscence groups, community groups and more.  

Each box contains a collection of objects and photos based around a theme. Themes range from Victorian laundry and mystery household objects to chair making tools and design. We are always increasing the range of themes our loan boxes cover – if you have something specific in mind not listed below, please ask!

Our Boxes

Take a Seat
Chair Making in the Past
Victorian Washday
Britain Since 1930
Victorian Homes
Wycombe in 10 Objects
Homes Since 1940
Going Out Since 1940
Working Since 1940
Hobbies Since 1940
Wycombe in WW1



Loan Periods 

Boxes can be loaned for 2 weeks. Boxes can be borrowed for free if the class also books a hands-on session with Wycombe Museum.

Boxes need returning before an agreed date. Failure to return the box in time may result in a ban from the service.  

Guidelines for Caring for Museum Objects

We are aware that accidents can and do happen but there are a few things to remember that minimise this happening.

  • Always assume the object is more fragile than it is.
  • Remember that an object is at most risk when it is being moved or is on open display. Please do not leave the box contents on open display whilst unsupervised.
  • Make sure objects are handled over a table, preferably with a cloth or another soft surface on the top.
  • Objects are affected by their environment – beware of radiators, spotlights and liquids of any sort.

And if the worst happens:

  • Please let us know as soon as possible if something has been damaged – we can arrange for repairs and if possible arrange a replacement item.
  • Do not attempt to repair an item yourself – sometimes a poor repair increases the damage to the object.
  • Please don’t let an accident put you off borrowing items in the future.