Learning Sessions

Our hands-on learning sessions meet the needs of the curriculum in fun, memorable and exciting ways. They are designed with a specific Key Stage in mind, but can often adapted to work with your desired age group.

Most sessions are designed to last a half-day. Sessions can be combined to make your visit last a full day.

Each session is marked as FS, KS1KS2, or KS3.

Hands-on sessions at the Museum:

Come and visit us to see the Museum’s galleries and collection, and make use of our designated learning rooms. 

We can accommodate groups of up to 90 children at the Museum, depending on your itinerary for the day.
We’ll be able to talk you through this during the booking process.

Hands-on sessions in your school:

We’ll come to you to deliver our learning sessions, and you can benefit from our learning team without having to go anywhere!

These are best delivered to a class of 30 children, depending on your chosen sessions. 
(Available for sessions marked *)

Our Sessions 

Foundation Stage

– A Chair for Baby Bear*
– Let’s Play*
– Home Sweet Home*

Key Stage 2

– Take a Seat: Art Focus
– Time Detectives: WW1*
– Life in Roman Britain*
– Bodgers and Bottomers: Chair Making in High Wycombe
– Town Trail: A Walk Through Time
– Victorian Washday

Key Stage 1

– Let’s Play*
– Home Sweet Home*
– Take a Seat: Art Focus
– Time Detectives: WW1*
– A Victorian Christmas

Key Stage 3 & 4

– Time Detectives: WW1*
– Town Trail: A Walk Through Time
– Take a Seat: Art Focus
– Product Design


Session Details

A Chair for Baby Bear*

For: Foundation Stage

Introduces the importance of chair-making locally. Which new chair will baby bear choose? Children help daddy bear learn how to mend baby bear’s chair.

EYFS: Understanding the world, communication and language

Let’s Play*

For: Foundation Stage & KS1

Through exploring a range of real and replica toys, children will investigate how things were different in the past. A family timeline is used to help children learn to place objects in chronological order and everyone will get to make their own magical toy to take home.

EYFS: Understanding the world, communication and language.
KS1 History: Changes within living memory


“A brilliant trip today – a mark of how much the children enjoyed it was that they were still comparing their different role-play characters and their jobs back at school!” – Year 3 teacher

Home Sweet Home*

For: Foundation Stage & KS1

Activities combine artefact investigation and the use of photographic evidence to enable children to explore and compare household objects from the past with those from a modern home.  As an extension activity, children can get dressed in costume and help the laundry maid of Castle Hill House complete the washing using original Victorian laundry equipment.

KS1 History: Changes within living memory

Time Detectives: WW1*

For: KS1, KS2 & KS3/4

Find out how people locally were affected by the war and discover some of the harsh realities of life in the trenches. Children investigate a range of artefacts from WW1, making observations, deductions and thinking imaginatively about them.

KS1 History: Significant events and commemorations – WW1
KS2 History: Beyond 1066, 1901 to present day local study


“Children were enthralled. A difficult topic to teach, and coming to the museum made it so much easier!” – Year 4 teacher

Take a Seat: Art Focus

For: KS1, KS2 & KS3/4

Inspired by the National Gallery ‘Take One Picture’, this new programme uses chairs as a springboard for cross-curricula topic work, incorporating art, design, literacy, history & geography. Discover how local artists have taken inspiration from Van Gogh and Picasso, and local chair making heritage.  Children will be taught to read paintings, sketch chairs and make a prototype chair which they can develop back at school if they wish.

KS2: Art and Design and Technology

Victorian Washday

For: KS2

Children take on the role of laundry maids and stable boys to complete the washing. Investigate artefacts, census material and old maps, children will piece together evidence from when the house was a family home.

KS1 History: Changes within living memory

KS2 History: Beyond 1066 Victorian local study


Life in Roman Britain*

For: KS2

What was life really like in Roman Britain? Taking a Romano-Celtic perspective, the workshop leader will discuss the impact of Roman settlement in the Chilterns. Hands-on activities give children the chance to explore objects, completing a mini-dig, piecing together evidence from local excavations, investigating mystery objects and experimenting with writing Roman Style.

KS2 History: Roman Empire and its impact on Britain and local study

Bodgers and Bottomers: Chair Making in Wycombe

For: KS2

Set in the 1970s when Wycombe was the chair-making capital of the world, children get dressed up and take part in a role play, exploring what it was like working in the local furniture industry. This cross-curricular session supports history, geography, literacy and art and is a fantastic springboard for further study back at school.

KS2 History: Beyond 1066 Victorian local study



“A well-organised and informative trip – thank you!” – Year 6 teacher

Town Trail: A Walk Through Time

For: KS2 & KS3/4

Explore the High Wycombe Town Centre and find out why the settlement developed as well as how it has changed over time. This can be a self-led activity or for an additional charge your trail can be led by Museum staff. Why not combine it with another local study session?

History: A local history study

Geography: Human and physical geography

Product Design

For: KS3/4

Find out how Wycombe developed chair making from a local craft in the 19th century to become an industry leader with companies like Parker Knoll, Ercol and G-Plan. Using our large collection of chairs, pupils will explore the different design features and components of chairs and how they are designed to meet different needs. Children will be taught techniques for sketching chairs and testing their design with prototypes. 

KS3/4 Art and Design and Technology


“It was excellent! I would definitely recommend a visit to colleagues. The museum is the ideal size. Not too big, but plenty to offer!” – Year 2 teacher

A Victorian Christmas

For: KS1 & KS2

Children will explore how some of the Victorian traditions of Christmas evolved: delightful decorations, fragrant food, cards and crackers, not forgetting parlour games. Will all the chores get done and allow time to get to town to see Queen Victoria on this exciting visit to High Wycombe?

KS2 History: Beyond 1066 Victorian local study


*Sessions marked with an asterisk can be delivered at the Museum or in your school