Wycombe Museum is dedicated to preserving the unique heritage of High Wycombe and the surrounding area.

We are an independent charity managed by local people, for local people.

We do not know what the future may hold, but we do know that without your help today our unique heritage may not be here for tomorrow.  Every donation you make, no matter how large or small, is important to us and will make a difference to our work in protecting the future of your museum. By leaving a gift, you will be a key part of helping to ensure a bright future for Wycombe Museum.

Our work

By leaving an unrestricted donation in your will we can continue our vital collections work, fund our community projects and keep inspiring generations of visitors. We will always use your gift carefully to support the most important aspects of our work and to make the biggest difference where we need it most.

How to leave a legacy in your will

If you are interested in leaving a gift and would like to know more, please get in touch. We can answer any questions about the museum and tell you more about the important work we do behind the scenes. Leaving a gift in your will is a simple process which your solicitor can advise you on.

What types of legacy can be left?

  1. A pecuniary legacy – this is either a fixed sum of money or a particular item.
  2. A residuary legacy – this is a remainder or a percentage of your estate, after gifts to family and all costs have been paid.

Residuary legacies tend to be more beneficial to us as they are not affected by inflation. However, we welcome all types of donations.

Gifts to charities are exempt from inheritance tax which means leaving a gift to Wycombe Museum may help reduce your tax liability. Your solicitor can tell you more about charitable giving.

Letting us know

We are always grateful for any gift. If you have already left us a gift in your will, please let us know, so we can thank you personally and stay in contact.

Get in touch about leaving a legacy

Contact us: info@wycombemuseum.org

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Get involved and help us to continue to promote a love of heritage, culture and the arts to the local and wider community for years to come.