My Old Chair with Memories – Christopher Lambourne, Thame

“My chairs belonged to my parents who married in 1934 in High Wycombe. I have known these chairs all my life – 69 years. My parents spent most of their life in New Bowerdean Road in High Wycombe. The chairs were not new when they married. We were a family of nine boys, of which I am the youngest, so the chairs had a lot of use. They have been re-caned several times by one of our neighbours across the road who worked in the caning factory in Victoria Road, High Wycombe when our hands or feet put holes in the cane.
There were only four dining chairs in the house, so my Dad put a plank between two chairs on both sides of the table so there was more space for us to sit in relays to have our meals.
Mum used to stand on the chairs to paint the ceiling. They had a few specks of colour on them when I acquired them so I have cleaned them up a little. The black and white photo shows Mum and Dad and their nine boys. I’m the little one. My eldest brother is now 85. These chairs are the link to my parents and brothers, almost like having them still with us.”

Submitted by Christopher Lambourne, Thame

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