3. My Comfortable Chair

‘If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it’ – Robert de Niro, American actor

In this section, G-Plan’s ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Chair’ lives up to its name – although other local companies give them a run for their money! Chairs for mums, babies and sore backs, as well computer working all form part of this section.


My Comfortable Chair - Dusty Miller, Downley
"I bought this chair when I was 20. I was told it was a very comfortable chair and would help my damaged spine. It did indeed help and was a ...
My Comfortable Chair - Chris Dadd, High Wycombe
"Here's Sebastian my son as a baby 9 years ago chilling out. I have two of those chairs in my office. They're 50 years old now I think." Submitted by ...
My Comfortable Chair - Emma Perruzza, West Wycombe
"This was the chair my mum rocked me on and now she has passed it on to me so I can rock my children. This is my son when he ...
My Comfortable Chair - Bob Hill, Downley
"My chair is a La-Z-Boy recliner. I bought it from Lucas at Aylesbury several years ago. As I have had a bad back for a number of years, the fact ...
My Comfortable Chair - Zoe Archer, High Wycombe
"This photo was taken on the first day of my maternity leave in November 2019. I love this beautiful nursing chair my husband gave me and it has proved very ...
My Comfortable Chair - Bernard Foot, Sands, High Wycombe
"Although retired, I spend a lot of time at my computer, for example processing photographs using software. My old and comfortable computer chair wore out, so I bought a replacement ...

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