2. My Old Chair With Memories

 ‘Old empty chairs are not empty in reality – memories always sit there.’ – Mehmet Murat Ildan, Turkish writer

These chairs have all been inherited and evoke strong memories of the loved ones who once sat in them. Original owners range from the recently departed through to those who lived in Victorian times. All are remembered through their chairs. Current owners of these chairs include children, ensuring that memories pass on to the new generation.

My Old Chair with Memories - Bimpe Dina, High Wycombe
"This chair is special to me because my husband bought it for my mom when she lived with us in London years ago. She loved sitting outside on the balcony, ...
My Old Chair with Memories - Christopher Lambourne, Thame
"My chairs belonged to my parents who married in 1934 in High Wycombe. I have known these chairs all my life - 69 years. My parents spent most of their ...
My Old Chair with Memories - Ellen King, High Wycombe
"This chair was made for me when I was about 3 years old by my uncle John. It has always been in my house and has been used by my ...
My Old Chair with Memories - Hayley Hardy, Penn
"This is my daughter with her great grandpa's chair. It was his grandfather's chair before him. He died in 1950 at over 80 years old, so he was born in ...
My Old Chair with Memories - Henry Morley, Downley
"This chair belonged to my 83 year-old Grandfather when he was a boy. I believe that the chair was made locally, is Victorian and is made of Beech." Submitted by ...
My Old Chair with Memories - Sally Prentice, Radnage
"This chair has been in the family since about 1900. It appears in the background of a photo of my great-great grandfather. It is one of a pair which has ...
My Old Chair with Memories - Nabeela Rana, High Wycombe
"These were made by my late father Mr Rana Zafar Khan in May 1990. His company leaflet is what I’m holding up called General Furniture, which was based in Leigh ...

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