Chair of the month for December is this Wheelback Windsor armchair, made in the High Wycombe area, about 1800-1830. It is made from various local woods, including cherry wood, elm, ash, beech and yew.

By the early 1800s, Windsor chair making had become centred on High Wycombe. Wheelback Windsor chairs like this one were made in large numbers.

The various timbers have been carefully chosen for the chair part that suits it best. For example, cherry and yew woods are used decoratively on the front legs and in the centre of the wheel in the back. Elm is used for the seat because it was available in wide planks and has an attractive grain pattern. The bow (hoop) is made from ash which bends well without splitting. The back legs are made from beech, which was cheaper and more readily available than cherry wood.

🪑 You can see this chair in Wycombe Museum’s ‘Our Place Exhibition’, until 10 March 2024.

Find out more about the exhibition ‘Our Place‘.

Chair of the Month is a partnership between Wycombe Museum and the Regional Furniture Society.

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