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Wycombe Museum is a registered charity, and we are working hard to create a museum with a bright and sustainable future. Support Wycombe Museum through our Adopt an Object scheme to help us to continue to enhance and complete our work; promoting to all a love to heritage, culture, and the arts for years to come.

How it works

  1. Choose from over 50 of the best-loved artefacts – pick a category on the ‘Browse our objects up for adoption’ section on this page.
  2. Choose your adoption type – they can be personal or corporate.
  3. Pay for your adoption.
  4. We’ll be in touch to confirm the details of your adoption.
  5. You will then receive all of the benefits that your adoption entails.

Once your adoption is confirmed you will get…

  • A coloured photographic print of your object
  • A certificate with an optional personal message
  • Your name/your business’ name and logo on your object’s label
  • All the benefits of a Friends membership
  • And the knowledge you are helping us protect Wycombe’s history

Annual Adoption Fees

  • Personal: £75
  • Corporate: £150

We can also create bespoke corporate packages to suit different budgets.

Personal adoptions will cover one name on the adoption certificate and label.
The adoption fees are inclusive of the cost of one year’s Friend’s Membership.
An additional charge may apply for objects not in our catalogue.

Requests to adopt objects not already in the catalogue will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Browse our objects up for adoption 

You can choose your object and complete your adoption now by visiting our Adopt an Object Store by clicking on the buttons above. If you want to adopt an object that is not currently in our store or is marked as ‘Out of Stock’, or if would rather talk to a member of staff about your adoption first, you can send us a request using the form below.

Thank you to our corporate adopters:

Request Form

Individual or Business

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Existing adopters will be invited to renew their adoption at the end of each adoption period. If they do not respond within 3 months, the object will become available for someone else to adopt.

The Museum may alter the Adoption Catalogue at any time. (If objects are removed from the catalogue, existing adopters may still be able to renew their adoption should they wish, depending on the reason for removal.)
Adoptions will not give you any rights over the object or any images of it.

The Museum may remove items from display temporarily or permanently for essential operational, health and safety or conservation reasons. In the case of temporary removal, adopters may not be notified.
Please check with the Museum if you are travelling to see your object.


How long does my Adoption last for?

Adoptions will run for one year from purchase.

How do I Adopt an Object as a gift for someone else?

Adopting an object for someone else is very simple. During the payment process when Adopting an Object, we ask for the name you would like to appear on the certificate and Adoption label. Ordinarily, you would put down your own name, but in the case of a gift please provide us with the name(s) of those who you are purchasing the adoption for.

Can I Adopt an Object that isn’t in the Adoption Catalogue?

If you have an object in mind for Adoption that we haven’t put in our catalogue, it’s likely that we’ll be able to offer it to you for adoption – especially if it is on display in our galleries. Please do ask us! We’ll deal with requests on a case-by-case basis and let you know.
If the object you would like to adopt is not out on display in our galleries, whilst an Adoption is not out of the question, it would be slightly more complicated. Please do ask us anyway, and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.

How many names can I have on my Adoption label and certificate?

Generally, just one. We will be happy to include children’s names in addition to adult’s names should there be space remaining on your certificate and label. This is also the case with your name appearing on our Supporter’s Board in the Museum Foyer and on our website.

Can I Adopt an Object anonymously?

Yes! If you would prefer us not to disclose your name on your object label and on our Supporter’s Board in the Foyer and online, please just let us know when booking. We’ll still send you a certificate with your name on unless you ask us otherwise.

I’m buying a Corporate Adoption – how does this differ from Personal Adoptions?

Corporate Adoptions will receive all the benefits of standard adoption with the added benefit of having your company’s logo displayed with the object label. Your labels will also be more prominent than standard Adoption labels.
With regards to your included Friends Membership, your company will receive Friends membership for all members of your business, including discounts on event tickets, as well as in our café and shop.

In what format should I send my logo for my Corporate adoption?

Once we have received your Adoption, we will be in touch with you to make sure we get your logo to put on your Adoption label. Please send us your logo as a JPEG, PNG or TIFF file at 72dpi and with a resolution of at least 500×500 pixels.

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