Pick one of our catering packages to add onto your party. Food is already included in the cooking and pizza making parties. 

Please let us know about any dietary requirements a week before your party so we can ensure the food is safe for everyone attending!

Little Lion Menu

This lunchbox-style menu is ideal for birthday parties.
Easy, affordable and fun! 
£5 per person.

  • 2 themed sandwiches, tailored to your party theme
    Choose between cheese, ham, tuna, chicken and corned beef
  • 2 savoury snacks 
    Choose between cocktail sausages, mini chicken bites, cheese bites and sausage rolls
  • Crisps or snack bag
  • Fruit pot or Petit Filous
  • Unlimited squash and water


The Roarsome Feast

This fun buffet style menu is the perfect birthday party menu!
Our Roarsome Feast contains lots of fun, themed foods to thrill all ages. 
£8 per person.

  • Novelty themed sandwich and brioche platters tailored to your party
    Choose between cheese, ham, tuna, chicken and corned beef
  • Savoury snack selection platter
    Sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, chicken bites, cheese bites, mini pizzas, quirky quiches and savoury UFOs
  • Fruit platters
    Strawberry mice, fruit rockets and grape caterpillars
  • Dessert platters
    Choose between jelly and mousse, cake bite selection, or chocolate treat selection