Adult Talks and Tasting Histories


Wycombe Museum offers talks from our knowledgeable Curator and volunteers on a broad range of topics relevant to the Museum’s collection, as well as some seasonal themes. Why not book a member of our team to deliver a talk to your club or group?

Talk titles:

  • Chairmaking in the Chilterns
  • A History of Wycombe in 10 Objects
  • Mysteries of Castle Hill House
  • Behind the Scenes at Wycombe Museum
  • A Victorian Christmas
  • A Tudor Christmas
  • Not ‘All Over by Christmas’ – Festivities During World War 1
  • Pancakes and Easter Eggs – Celebrating Easter and Spring
  • A Brush with Art

All talks last for around 45 to 50 minutes with time for questions. 

The cost of our talks is £80 plus travel (if we come to you) or £80 plus room hire (if you come to us). All talks depend on our speakers’ availability.

To make an enquiry about our talks, or to book, please email

Tasting Histories

We also offer our ever-popular light-hearted drinks-based talks, ideal for your group or corporate event. Prices include either travel to you (within 3 miles of Wycombe Museum) or the use of our events room (seats up to 60 people). All tasting histories last for around 2 hours. If your group size is smaller than the minimum stated, please contact us for bespoke pricing information.

To make an enquiry about any of our talks or tasting histories, or to book, please email

Adults only. No under 18s allowed at these events. Please leave your car at home.

A Tasting History of Gin

Explore and experience the fascinating history of gin, from glamour to the gutter and back to glitz again. From Dutch Courage and Gin Palaces to the modern gin revival, if you enjoy gin, this evening could be just the tonic for you! Gently stirred (but not shaken) into the mix will be canape-sized talks on gin history.

This event includes 6 single measures of gin per person and tonic water. The gins are likely to include:

  • A London Dry
  • An Old Tom
  • A spiced style
  • A floral style
  • A locally made gin
  • An additional historic style of gin

£20 per person. Minimum booking 26 people. If you would like to discuss a bespoke gins package, let us know.

A History of Wycombe in 7 Drinks

A merry experience of local history and drinking presented through seven artefacts and seven historic-style drinks. A real taste of history, from prehistory to the modern day. Ideal for groups wanting to taste a range of different drinks.

This event includes small glasses of:

  • ‘Prehistoric’ and Victorian styles of beer
  • A modern English white wine
  • A red wine made from a grape variety that goes back to the ancient Romans
  • A historic style of gin
  • Mead
  • Port

£20 per person. Minimum booking 24 people.

Beers, Bevies and Brewing – A World History of Beer

Our original and ever-popular tasting history. Fun beer facts and fun history. Discover why beer was historically considered to be an essential part of a balanced diet and why all civilised societies owe their very existence to beer.

The event includes small measures of 6 different beers, most of which are made by local breweries. The pricing and types of beers will depend on the size of your group. Please contact us with numbers for accurate pricing.

Usually around £15-£18 per person. Minimum 24 people.